Always Wear Nature

Botanical Tortoise Co. is not only a jewelry boutique, but a lifestyle. I integrate nature into my daily life and hand press flowers so that you can have a little piece of nature wherever you may be!

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  • I'm Becca the creator behind Botanical Tortoise Co. I am a wife, a mommy to 3 little loves and a lover of all things nature. I have always loved flowers and plants and have preserved different botanicals for sometime now. I offer a variety of hand pressed and sourced preserved botanicals in my jewelry. I always want to have a little bit of nature wherever I am! I want to create pieces that bring you the same joy that I feel while creating!

    My business name comes from my love for all turtle, and tortoise species. I have loved turtles since I can remember and felt it fitting to include a tortoise in my business name and logo.

    If I could be anywhere in the world, I would be on a beach somewhere with my family feeling the breeze and smelling that salty air. My favorite color is green. My favorite food is sushi. I am a collector of earrings and mugs and am a very spontaneous and fun person.

    Thank you for being here and supporting my dream.